Yes it’s only 7 am in the morning, but I had some spare time. After all I have been up since 3:15 totally unreasonable hour to drive to London Heathrow airport in order to catch a 7:30 LH923 flight to Frankfurt.

It’s my last flight for work, am happy that I will be catching up with some old friends before I go. After so many years of getting up at ungodly hours and sitting at airports, it will be the people that I will miss for sure.

I wonder how many hours I have whiled away by sitting in airports? I remember counting the number of flights I did in one year when I was working in training. 152 flights is a bit ridiculous, that’s 304 hours 13 days per year minimum of hanging around security processes and boarding gates in a year if I was lucky.

I could have done 300 scuba dives, climbed a mountain in that time…now that I have the time back perhaps I will 😄